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We put together this little collection of songs for your enjoyment back in 2003.

1. Lasers [mp3]
2. MIT [mp3]
3. Gaelic Football [mp3]
4. Bohemia [mp3]
5. Budahop [mp3]
6. Adipose Boy [mp3]
7. Summertime [mp3]
8. The World is Turning Blue [mp3]
9. The Il-na na [mp3]
10. River Senqu [mp3]

Up in the attic you can find some old B-sides

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Lasers Randall: to be quite frank Kevin the fabric of the universe is far from perfect - it was a bit of botch job you see: we only had 7 days to make it Host of its your money or your life: Lets just have a look at what made it possible for them to be here with us tonight... Og: the most fabulous object in the world /Come now, don't tell me that you believe/ Its not true its just your stomach fool/ Can be explained logically/ Youre just blind to see/ Strutter: so that's what the invisible barrier looks like! /Funny like me/ Randall: nothing can go wrong /They're so funny/ Robin Hood: ha ha jolly good /And who's this guy so jolly good?/ Robin Hood: jolly good... /He stands a faint 4 and 1/ Fidgit: four foot one /all aside and in a pinch;/ Lets raise a toast to stinking rich.../ Strutter: here's to stinking rich! /....Digital watches and VCRs:::/ Computers/ [alert] /Lasers at 8/ There will be lasers at 8/ Evil Genius: if I were creating the world I wouldn't mess around with butterflies and daffodils - I would have started with lasers 8 oclock day one... Kevin's Dad: what the hell is going on up here? Evil Genius: {zaps minion}...sorry Kevin's Dad: no more noise!! Evil Genius: The day after tomorrow: the WORLD! I am all powerful! /lasers at 8/ There will be lasers at 8/ Evil Genius: What sort of supreme being created such riff raff? Is it not the workings of a complete incompetant? Because I have understanding of digital watches. And soon I will have understanding video cassette recorders and car telephones. Benson: But He created you evil one! Robert: & why if that's the case are you unable to escape from this fortress? Evil Genius: It's a good question... I let Him keep me here in order to lull Him into a false sense of security. What did you say? Benson: Well He created you, so He cant be totally... Evil Genius: Never talk to me like that again! When I have understanding of them I shall have understanding of computers[He created...] when I have understanding of computers I will be the Supreme Being! Benson : - Slugs! - Evil Genius: Nipples for men! He created Slugs! [God isn't interested in technology] Cant hear, cant speak [He knows nothing of the potential of the microchip or the silicon revolution] They cant operate machinery: [I will be free] Are we not in the hands of a lunatic? [ and the world will be different] Supreme being: Evil turned out rather well. And that - Kevin: You let all those people die! - Supreme being: I am the SUPREME BEING Kevin: Just to test your creation? Supreme being: Well of course, you really think I didn't know...? Kevin: Why did they have to die!? Supreme being: You might as well say why do we have to have evil... Kevin: Yes - Randall: We wouldn't dream of asking a question like that! Kevin: Why do we have to have evil? Supreme being: Ah. I'm not entirely dim. I think it has something to do with evolution - and free will. /Mom and Dad don't even touch it,/ cause its EVIL./ Supreme being: Concentrated Evil Kevin's Dad: I never touched it! Benson: I cant wait for a new tech ch no no lo logical dawn...! MIT Did you pretend that you could learn to take lagrangians? Its 3am your head is humming with equations that you cannot solve you pray for sleep Logarithmic slumbers where you never seem to make the grade Cause its MIT man It's the hardest school you know & it's the place you chose to go I can't transcend thermodynamics and its laws... my name is TIM the mirror laughs at me because I'm him where are my friends? what kind of life is this my homework never ever ends... cause its MIT man It's the hardest school you know and it's the place you chose to go I am despairing over psets and its dawn A really beautiful dawn... Gaelic Football I want to be a guitar man like pistolero Black Francis but I cant play at all! so I go to discos and dance, yes anyone can make me come along just fake me like a false dawn coming through a waterfall go ask the one who broke me I keep the pattern going round until the chosen dream girl is found can I make it? I wanna try I wanna be a guitar man but im naked (like one of those dreams, you know?) and im fakin... I want to be an eastern star that's where my friends are (lets face it) we'll all play gaelic football before the moment is wasted BOHEMIA ...and a bottle of wine. you dont even know until youve tried, ooh another appointment i dont think i'll make then again who's been counting - no thats not what i meant! hey! I'm not kafka, i said no. So I'm not even going to try. Everything just pushes you round why bother to resist, if you got apro penz why not spend it? Everything just pushes you round you cant feel the ground you know its insane with all your pain. yea. BUDAHOP ??Wouldn't it be...Fun ->If we all went out to a Club Where you don't have to Pay (If you got breasts and look like Jenny Craig) We don't have to fight on this night We got friends and its Friday night What would you say if the Rendoseg come and try and get you? If youre late bring some backup perplexed in the states got these gates to try to keep me from getting f$*&d up If you sing a song or two i do swear i will love you Do you remember the day? It was back in the day, boy. Jim and john will take you home so just sleep like there is no tomorrow. Adipose Boy i can't lissen to the radio these days with all the crap that it plays but i was buying coffee at LaVerde's store and the kid in front of me was singing 'la diddy dee' and i thought: are you kidding me? is it that catchy? cause your lips are in sync as if you don't need to think of all the troubles you've left behind. just zone out release the clutch in your mind cause you dont need the gears where youre going my friend... and you can blame your problems on society take your problems out on people that you meet frame your choices with anxiety and grief and when you come undone just scream into the sun and take the pills that calm you down and blame your problems on society take your problems to a shrink and pay the fee go to work come home and grab a beer and watch TV some show to make you smile and be happy for a while - hey isnt that the greatest way to be? They've got us drugged on video games the media's commercials overloading our brains and the movies make us wish that we were heroes flying fighter jet planes or rescuing some maiden from an oncoming train...but they make us into fat dumb kids with lives that are lame. summertime is over and the wind is here, thunderclouds roll over and release their tears. all the words are spoken did you ever hear? that the world starts to curl towards the moment at which he met her: yah the boy with this girl really needed to treat her better. Across the town of ancient days upon the sea an upside down reflection plays a symphony for anyone who listens and the beer is free a miracle expression thats devoid of fear the sun bleeds red deception but the mind is clear and the girl with the voice of an angel no longer needs him. she could fly in his sky if he gave her a million reasons but he's thinking of a notion thats a little wierd: the mountains are descending and the end is near. summertime is over and the wind is here all the words are spoken did you ever hear? The world is turning blue read this book about oceans, the girl who wrote it had a pHD. she said the water level's rising its gonna hit like a calamity and she said now i see what we're coming to i know just what we're supposed to do and i'm afraid its true: the air we breathe makes the seas wanna rise we make too much CO2. We traded trees for the streets where we drive into a future thats blue. If her theory's true, would you change your ways? would you not pollute? or when the world is blue would you build a boat and fill it two by two and sail it to a place where there was never yet a human race you could change all the green into something obscene and make steam for your turbines by burning bituminous beams of old light despite all the scientists who say that its time to mark the information from the FCCC or we'll be drowning in hypocrisy. We're pumping smoke from our economy and melting ice with trapped heat enthalpy. so now you see what we've got to do and now you see what we're coming to: the world is turning blue. The Il-na na gray rabbit gray rabbit dead dead. gray rabbit gray rabbit gray rabbit dead. the il-na na sub club and tomb room sub club and tomb room the il-na na oh yes the il-na na... The River Senqu if i gave her everything then wouldnt it be wierd to throw away two years only to be with her again? if i knew the consequence of leaving her back there and never did repent of coming here without a care then why should i feel lost floating down the river? nourishing my pain as if there were something to gain from all my bastard wishes (that really arent my wishes) hitched a ride up mountains high provisioned with supplies im unafraid to die out here still dreaming of her eyes. i push out into the stream floating down the river.

billy the clap chasin cousin jason by the soda fountain there lacin up her laces was a girl that was so fair. the masons and the dixons were all eatin prickly pear, got up a dancin grabbed the girl and spun her in the air. later got to talkin bout the locomotive train she said she'd been a stoker but she wouldnt say her name. asked her twice she told me that she'd worked out a spokane, late one night besides the tracks she said shed killed a man (she'd killed a man) she'd killed a man? i said hot damn!!