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ALBUM #2 ::: The Luddite Spy

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The Luddite Spy

Emoboy [I'm just another emoboy writing sad songs for everyone. We're just another emoband playing silly little songs for the world.] All you cynics we got something to say you better make your attention pay. Metaphysics is supercritical now that the world's unpredictable. Try to dig it: all my life i wanted wisdom to know but the truth is unbearable. You got your psycho clinics where the glass is half full and the emptiness makes it cool and so acidic but the mission goes according to plan and i hope that they understand those music critics with their subjective ways to despise what they cant play. Tell us who we sound like, cmon tell us who we sound like just so we can know. ...Hear static on the TV wait for the messages that tell you who to be and then while theyre sleeping while theyre sleeping peacefully... The Pills When we were young they told us to stay away from all those nasty drugs. now that we're making dough the TV commercials say we should take levitro. and nexium. xolair. prozac & cipro - but i dont need no pills when im with you cause baby youre my thrill. just let em choke on the pills. ask your doctor today (call now for your free trial) side effects include: bleeding nausea bloating braindamage & children with no hope unless you give em dope. just let em choke on the pills - but i dont need no pills cause baby youre my thrill. FM2 smile dont blink cause you will be remembered. shadows play around your eyes that say just take me cause i am yours. shutter speed is good the aperture is wide and you are mine. i met a girl who was oh so kissable that i couldnt leave her side and the path was nearly invisible just think of all the secrets it could hide inside. confide confide into my synchronistic flash. and if i ever catch that fucker who stole my FM2, i'd gouge out his eyes for stealing you. Lab hey ho another night stuck in the lab. ive got to tell you staring into your face was never quite that easy. i forgot to tell you everything breaks down just like some schematic. and every potentials just a voltage. ICs giving me resistance, multimeters testing functions oscilliscopes are like my eyes. megahertz sample my feelings V and I produce my life. solder fixes broken wires. coming to you discreetly 1010100101010101010010010 cut in half by the niquist frequency maxwell laplace fourier im so lost. hey ho another night stuck in the lab. bluegrass engineer who made refrigerators where you can chill your beers? who made your cars with their motors and thier gears? farmers grow the food you eat they plow all day and come home beat, but who made their diesel john deeres? diggin carbon from the earth to light your chandeliers; high suspension wires bringin voltage and amperes. lines across the ocean make your relatives seem near. put the tiny amplifier in your ear so you can hear. whos the guy who made these things? well hes an engineer, he builds your bridges roads and ships maintains them through the year - if you want he'll build you bombs full of plutonium and fear oh yah. you can do away with politicians lawyers and their peers, ad executives I-bankers and trendy mountaineers but you'd never last a day without the work of engineers. oh yah la la la. you can do away with fashion models, strip off their veneer, shut out hippie rockstars, talks show hosts without a tear but you cant get rid of priests cause God's a Mighty Engineer. oh yah la la la. the game ayn rand: let us start with a short short story. suppose that you are an astronaut whose spaceship gets out of control and crashes on an unknown planet. when you regain consciousness and find you are not hurt badly the first three questions in your mind would be 1) where am i 2) how do i know it 3) what should i do? the sunlight seems paler than you remember and colder. are you in a universe which is ruled by natural laws, or are you in an incomprehensible chaos, a realm of inexplicable miracles and unpredictable unknowable flux which your mind is impotent to grasp...? Theres a secret to this game buried deep inside the code. its not an extra role to play or some points or hidden gold. and the answers you will find wont agree to the rules and the design of fantasy. at the end of level 9 you will meet the girl of dreams. she was sent here as a spy to defeat their evil schemes. and she tells you that their plot is to deceive, & the essence of your choice is to leave. are the things around you real or are they only an illusion? and escape from this phony zone. to meet up in the world of home then she retreats and youre all alone. youre listening to the dial tone. you turn to look at the sky but stop. and you experience a foggy pleasant but somehow guilty kind of hope. its logical. but logic has nothing to do with reality. what is good or evil for men, and why? was it all part of the game or did she hack in is she real? can the words of a machine make you feel the way you feel? and the minions got you trapped in a bind theres no choice but to attack in your mind. then her message seems so clear, while the pixeled demons scream. you get up off of your couch and turn off their flashing screen. then you get out on your bike and youre free. wink at every single girl that you see. far in the distance you see some sort of living creatures approaching. you are never heard from again wingman like a coyote caught in a steel trap im gnawing off my limb to get away. her name is keluri we met at a party i brought her home but she was a grenade shes crazy as can be shes fat dumb and ugly she comes from sicily im so damn melancholy my self esteem's destroyed and the girl is annoyed cause in the morning i didnt want her anyhow - oh wingman where art thou? you let me sleep with an ugly cow. O i feel your presence in the corner of my brain. it evanesces like the whistle of a train, then it flows down the drain into the system that i built to keep my marbles sane. but the whispers remain adding fuel to the flames that pertain to the fame of the angel of shame. they try to tell me that my passions not to blame - oh but their logic is lame - that self denial is a trick i cant sustain over and over again they try to sell me on the worth of paths that are profane over and over again they come around now with their eyes that stare, all supple lovers of the prince of air. the truth is ripe and you can taste it if you dare. hey dont you see it man this life is just a game says his name is his name you make your choices and the fate that you obtain its your gain or your shame you could change but the dint of your soul is the same over and over again. open mic girl under full moon late july purple lipstick and shadows around her eyes that former boyfriends still desire yeah no one can refuse her what she requires and when she sings at the open mic you cant help but wish you could hold her tight. she orders you to follow her and you agree to spend the night. wake up in the morning light in the bathroom she shows you the broken knife, and pictures of some other guy that she knew in the past of her freaked out life loveis4.. i told her love was a big mistake but she dont believe a single word i say, she wants my last name. fortune will captivate my soul and pushes me relentlessly towards the goal and i wonder where my heart will rest but she just smiles and she says loveis4giving avatar write an equation explain what you see the world is imperfect with asymmetry. talk on your cellphone and watch your TV slip into coded reality then you'll be a star of avatar you'll be the man who gives commands to everyone you can form a band and play guitar and all your fans will wanna be just like you are. fill out a bio sign up its free, upgrade your personality. then you'll be a star of avatar you'll be a man who gives commands to everyone you can form a band and play guitar and all your fans will wanna be just like you are. and if you really believe who cares if its real? just let it deceive and hit your send and receive you'll get what you need you'll get what you need my friend in some cyberden you'll find fulfillment of your hearts desire you'll feel the quickness of electron wire there'll be no difference between truth and lie you'll find fulfillment of your hearts desire. chat with all of your friend virtually make out with girls that you'll never meet. buy all the latest technology triple your bandwidth for a monthly fee. then you'll be a star of avatar you'll be a man who gives commands to everyone you can form a band and play guitar and all your fans will wanna be just like you are. i found this message on the road to avatar. The Luddite Spy We live lives online, we live lives online and we think its fine we're plugged in all the time, drink the maddening wine well on whose side am I...? on whose side am I? well I cant deny I kissed the Luddite Spy oh she cried and cried she told me how I'd die told me how and why she told me how I'd die...

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