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We've been doing a lot of prepwork these past two months so stay tuned. We've got good people working to promote us, and we are getting some demos cranked out to blitz the venues... We are going to tour up the east coast from Florida to Boston from jan 2 -12th, so watch this space for info on dates and clubs as we go through booking.

BIG POLSKI Happy Birthday to ELK and JGO, born on the same day (different decades). damn you know, makes you think of all those wonderful years gone under the bridge, and all those special birthday moments, like that time, gee wasnt it just last year? when ELK and MSO were rolling around in the dogshit out back a tha house after getting kicked out of Tony's Cantina for trying to beat the piss out of whoever it was and ELK was saying strange things about the rectal usage of certain audio equipment, and so forth, before ultimately spending the night in jail... yep seems like a real quiet year for birthdays this time around.
a little too quiet...

We've been busy stocking up the cupboards for the winter, so unfortunately have no gigs lined up. If you'd like the Polski Boys to play your birthday, Bar-Mitzvah or Bachelor party, email contact@polskifiat.net. Be on the look out for some new songs. We've been busy crafting our next science rock titanium album, a good chunk of which we'll be recording soon. Also, be ready for some new enthusiasm from us, we just fired our previous manager (following an incident involving cheese way too large for its respective bread and olives with no little guys in them) and we're working with new management to put Polski Laboratories on The Map.

Had fun playing another set at the All Asia last night. Sorry for the late start to those of you who waited around; we're starting to realize that this is the recurring theme of playing at the All Asia. We were booked to play at 10:30, the band before us apparently was booked to play through 11 oclock. At least this time it wasnt the one kid with the accoustic rocking out on a g-chord for 20 minutes straight. Thanks to Jen and friends - they played a great set as usual, good luck to bassist laura on adventures in the other cambridge across the pond. So heres some news: Were looking for a manager. someone with the willingness and ability to help us out with promotion and landing gigs, we'll pay say $50 for a decent gig or 15% of the take (an incentive to make the show a success, no?) if you or anyone you know might be interested in starting a brilliant and lucrative career as Polski's promoter, get in touch (contact@polskifiat.net). Also, check out our NEW mirrored pages en espanol. they look hilarious. maybe to a spanish speaker they dont look hilarious, i dont know. Id like to learn spanish someday and find out. stay tuned for future gig info, and thanks again for coming out last night.

Thus begins another year at our respective institutions. Will we go mad? tune in and find out this saturday 9/27 at 10:30pm, at the ALL ASIA cafe on Mass Ave. followed by Isul Kim and Plexus. We will have T-shirts and pre-release copies of our album on hand (say,$3..?) and we will be playing in the key of C = Ci*e^(-kt)

Big Thanks to all who came out to see us at Le Bar Bat in NYC, it was a nifty club no? the whole multiple levels thing... strong showing from the RPI crowd; anybody got any pics? send in... thanks to zug for finding us that hole in the wall cheap burger joint hidden in the corner of this ritzy mirrored hotel lobby. and kudos to mike for doing the predawn driving back to mass, and to al for keeping him all politically awake/correct. elk, i hope your day at work was as bright eyed and bushy tailed as mine was... Polski will be taking a little breather, brushing the dust off our slide rules and getting all spiffy for school, planning our next show for september 27th at the all asia opening up for Isul Kim.

Finally got around to doing a little updating, happy to say we've got the album ready for downloading. Give it a listen, spread it around and let us know if you like it. And come see us rock the big apple this WEDNESDAY NIGHT 8/27 at Le Bar Bat 311 West 57th St. New York, NY (between 8th & 9th Ave) we will be giving out t-shirts and a pre-release version of the album (the pressed copies will go for $5) Hope to see you all there

OK. THE ALBUM IS DONE. we worked mighty hard scrapping it together, pulled a week of all nighters (hopefully it doesnt sound too much like we mixed at 4am). its got some bells, some whistles, some ELK on djembe, some monty python, some rain, some keys from an old silvertone organ JGO rebuilt with a computerized soul, its got prague, its got Buda, its got the Il-Na Na. Its got 13 songs plus one more to prove that MSO cant clap. We will be heading to press with them shortly, but will have some to toss out at our next show on WEDNESDAY AUG. 27th at Le Bar Bat in NYC...

we've finished the first two songs for our upcoming CD (WITB and bohemia). additionally, we're working on the next three songs, which will be finished in a week if all goes smooth. don't forget to come out to All Asia this saturday, word on the street i s there will be a mystery band playing...

thanks to all who made it to the show last night at All Asia. great showing from the MIT crowd. looks like we'll be back there on august 2nd. make sure you wear your t-shirts proud!

7/11 weekend update
we spent the weedend at Zippah Studio tracking the beginings of our CD (due out at the end of summer). Still more work to be done, but if your handy with your computer you might be able to find special edition unmixed versions of the songs on this site. can you find them? (hint: look for WITB and bohemia)

!!NEW!! Polski FIAT is looking for FANS! Thats right, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Heres how it works: to become a 'fan' send us an email and promise to come to one of our shows. We will promise to bring a you free t-shirt and play you some songs and !voila! you're a fan! when we finish our cd this summer we'll even throw in one of those too. Its never been this easy! email fan@polskifiat.net

had fun playing club euphoria in NH, jgo and elk went out and made flyers and canvassed the mall before the show while i wandered around nashua aimlessly; the lineup was a rough and ready crowd of hardcore punk fans keeping it real with spikey hair, metal studs and noserings. we stepped up to the plate and played a hard hitting set appropriate to the occasion, but true to our musical essence: lucid vocals, quirky songs and no woofing into the mic at 200 bpm (sorry kiddies...) elk met a sweet little girl and i beat him at pool and a good time was had by all.
udv. mso

polski went rafting yesterday with lhs up at zoar. dont think anyone approved of our setup, cheap walmart rafts but hey, they worked well enough in afrika, eh? the ten seconds of class III rapids were a thrill, but nobody almost died. we'll have to try something harder next time. it was also the polski van's maiden voyage, huzzah. freaking posh. had to take the old nissan down to the junkyard today. yet another good car unsung down the railroad tracks. so heres the master plan: book a studio, rec ord in mid july and play up and down the coast all summer. anyone who wants a copy of our cd when its done, or to be put on a mailing list, email contact@polskifiat.net
if you want to learn more about the band and how it got its name, maybe ill post a cheesy update sometime and fill you in. love, mso

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